Information Technology

IT Training

Better trained staff can perform their jobs better and more confidently: it’s that simple.

We provide effective training to individuals or small groups on a variety of software and IT topics. We adapt each training programme to our client’s requirements, whether it is general training or specific training for a particular project.

  • Some of the topics we cover are:

    • Graphic and 3D design
      • Adobe products (Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, etc.)
      • Autodesk Maya
      • Pixologic ZBrush
      • xNormal
    • Websites and online technologies
      • SEO (search engine optimisation)
      • Google AdWords
      • Cross-browser compatibility
    • Software development
      • Programming languages (ASP, ASP.NET and PHP)
      • Mobile app development
      • Program design
      • Object-oriented programming
      • Functional programming
      • Data structures
      • Algorithms
    • Databases
      • Applications (MSSQL and MySQL)
      • Database design
      • Data modelling
    • General IT training
      • Microsoft products (Microsoft Office, etc.)
      • Basic networking
      • Backing up data
      • Maintaining security
      • Computing theory
      • Complying with legislation